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Good News Everyone!

By now you may have seen my picture with the buffalo of Ocoee. What you didn't see is what I saw a few days prior. Two very different movies. One was called Buffalo Rider and it was one of the greatest and goofiest films I've ever gotten to watch. The other was Facing the Storm: Story of the American Bison, a moving and memorable piece that took a look at the rise, near fall and current cautious rise once more of the Great Plains' greatest beastie. One film made me laugh, the other damn near cry. Both were about other times and yes better times and I got to thinking. Something like 30 million buffalo used to run all over this place. Now only about 500,000 run where they can find the room to do so. Lots of reasons why the buffalo almost got wiped, lots of jerky reasons, but I can't do anything about those bad bygones so that's all the more reason to do something now.

Buffalo Rider, whimsical as it was, promised that with patience I too could have a buffalo friend of my own one day while Facing The Storm drove home the point that I may never get that chance. One was loosely based in reality, the other sadly firm in it. I'm not a chain-myself-to-a-redwood kind of guy but I do love nature and if I could help the buffalo at all, even just a little, I've become determined to do so.

And that's why every penny that comes in for A Far Off Light will be donated to organizations directly involved with returning this aged, mighty and noble critter back to his former glory.

Not the profits mind you, everything.

Buffaloes mean a lot to me, it's on my heart now to show 'em all how much. I'm all in and out of pocket then. Also maybe out of my mind, not the best way to run a business really, but I never wanted to be a businessman anyway. Ohno began as something small for just my wife, but she always knew he could become something much bigger for everyone.

And that includes the buffalo.

Buffalo in a field.jpg

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