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“A Far Off Light” began as one humble holiday wish. Years ago, Angie (Chris’ wife) said that all she wanted for Christmas was a story. Not jewelry or a new phone or anything really fancy at all. Chris sat down and created for her something more meaningful than anything money could ever buy. For a year after gifting her the original text only dust settled on its pages. Then, on a whim in the middle of the desert, Chris promised to publish a book within the year. No art was ready to print, no editor ready to work his magic, no printer ready to bind all that magic together. The New Year arrived and with it came art, an irreplaceable editor and a fantastic printing shop. Ahead of schedule and under budget, a gift meant for one became a gift for the world. Angie’s selflessness is the reason “A Far Off Light” exists at all. The story of Ohno Buffalo and Abigail Duck is intensely personal for Chris and Angie, it is their story.

But it can be yours too.

We all hustle and forget to hold hands. We all rush and forget to watch the sun set or go outside on a random night and count the stars. We all move forward toward the end of our lives rarely taking even a second to enjoy the life we’re living right here in this now. Ohno and Abigail don’t have an agenda or a message. They have laughter, they have tears and, above all else, they have the journey.


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